My friend came up with the name Lilac Bay Trading Co. in the 90s and i was jonesing for it from the get-go. Finally, she decided there wasn't enough time to develop it, and I'd begged her for right of first refusal. A trading company can contain anything from dry goods to luxuries - it seems so plug-n-play. So began another up-down, spinning around of it and I sat on the concept a few more years. 

Now, in 2017 I'm finally giving it significant attention. I'm on a brief sabbatical and will be spending the first quarter giving this venture all I've got. 

Month one will be about sharing and letting go of my vintage, antique and items of antiquity that need a new home. I fell in love with all things vintage growing up out of necessity (my first real Barbie was a 1951 Pony) and then out of an appreciation for American ingenuity and durability (a toaster that works for 50 years and still doesn't catch on fire? SOLD!) As happens with some of us pickers and diggers, I ended up helping with estate liquidations, doing a lot of online auction sales, buying and selling through auction houses, and then decided to dismantle everything as I hit my golden year, which brings us to 2017. There's a lot, but not much - no storage unit, no sheds, just a small but compact stash in the garage.

Month two I will be sharing more of my jewelry creations with you. It occurred to me that I started making jewelry when I was 7 or 8. Back in the 70s bead stores popped up and it was popular to make your own jewelry. My mother couldn't afford to buy pre-made pieces and we worked on a few items here and there. A few of those pieces have been handed down to the millennial generation. I took a jewelry class in middle school, but it was a pricey thing. In the late 80s I started back up out of frugality and didn't start up again until 3 years ago. Out of curiosity I put a covered bulletin board in my cube for the holidays and people ate it up! I was thrilled and encouraged.

Month three I will be sharing my California-native photography--hopefully, it will not be as predictable as it sounds. Being a native Californian I can't imagine a place where I can go from beach to skiing with wine tasting in between, all within a day ,if your rushed, or a long weekend. Sharing that beauty in a non-typical way is my goal. 

Hence, "Living Life Eclectic." 

it's what I do; it's who I am. 

Thank you for dropping by.

Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions, or just because.

All the best,