​​Living Life Eclectic

Coming Soon:

Photography - Pets, local flora and fauna, California coastlines, oaks, poppies, and redwoods. 

Life in California is eclectic by default, from Berzerkly to The Valley, homogeneous is not a term that can be applied to much of anything here. 

​Being a trading company lends itself well to the diversity of interests in these pages. I hope you'll join me on the journey.


Ultimate Recycling:

Vintage, antiques, antiquities from ephemera to Mid-century Modern pottery, mantiques and miscellany. Who knows what you'll find.

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​Shiny Objects:

The current focus is on easy-to-wear bangles that upscale any outfit. Earrings get lost, necklaces aren't for everyone, which leaves an approachable, functional bangle that won't fall off and is latch-free (contortions not required when putting these lovelies on).